Crop In Style Scrapbooking Rolling Wheeled Tote Storage Bag Organizer Holder
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Colorbok Scrapbook Storage Box
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Antique Mission Impressionist Nautical Boat Sailboat Painting Coastal Landscape
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19th Century Antique Original Oil on Canvas Painting Still Life Fruit
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Antique Adirondack/ Lake George Painting Circa 1912
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antique drawing painting Europe castle lake boats collectible art
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Vintage Hand Stitched Needlepoint Wild Song Birds Unframed 30" x 7.25"
Finished Needlepoint Pieces
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Finished Needlepoint Pieces
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Trio of vintage NEEDLEPOINT PETIT POINT Rose Floral shabby chic PILLOWS
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Vintage Finished Framed Volcano Hawaiiana Needlepoint Embroidery 17.5" x 14.5"
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Gilmer Buckeyes: Buckeyes open district play at Sabine

But, we spoke with a lot of tribe who weren't in the wayfarer industry -- all the people in Glasgow who gave us ideas about where to lodge, people who stopped to go the time of day on the side of a mount, locals who started up conversations with us in pubs -- all vast ambassadors for Scotland. It is not so much that it closed in and gave us a torrential soaking for days on end (Mike and I never had a full day of rain on this step quickly -- we did have days where we got wet, but there always seemed to be a dry exorcism sometime during each rainy day), rather that the pass to windward of changes very fast. Total kilometres: 1361 kmAverage per day: 62 km/dayTotal standard of value spent in Scotland (for Mike and I together): 1820 poundsAverage per day (for Mike and I together): 70 poundsMost high-priced B&B was 65 pounds and the cheapest was 44.


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Christmas Ribbon 38 News
25 things to do before Christmas - Dec 4, 2008
Wrap Christmas gifts. Give them a little something extra by making handmade gift tags using last year's Christmas cards. 16. Read Luke 1:26-38 together.

Green Event site sells recyclable wrapping
San Francisco Chronicle,  USA - Dec 2, 2008
The papers are printed locally with soy-based inks (four 25-by-38-inch sheets for $14). To complete the wrap, a braid of natural raffia palm ribbons goes

101 ways to make your winter wedding sparkle
Detroit Free Press, United States - Nov 30, 2008
Use small fresh Christmas wreaths as pew decorations hung by tapestry or sheer ribbon. You can ask a friend or a wedding planner to bring them to the hall

Christmas trees: Due for downsizing?
Blinq, PA - Nov 25, 2008
Plus, costs have skyrocketed: labor, transportation, pesticides and petroleum-based fertilizers, wire, even ribbon. True, gasoline and diesel fuel are

Pittsburgh Post Gazette
How to celebrate Christmas sustainably
Pittsburgh Post Gazette, PA - Nov 24, 2008
A greener alternative is to use plain brown paper bags decorated with pretty ribbon or to wrap gifts in old newspaper or book pages.