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DIY Cardboard Mobile Stand

DIY Cardboard Mobile Stand
I'm making a simple mobile stand out of cardboard. This is a pretty simple process and is a good beginner DIY project.

Uses of Cardboard Mobile Stand

  • Use at Desktop
  • Use in Kitchen
  • Use at Terrace Table

Items Required for Cardboard Mobile Stand

  • Cardboard;
  • Scissor;
  • Ruler;
  • Pencil;
  • Eraser;
  • Blade;
  • White Sheet.

Arrange All Tools at One Place

Make sure all tools are at one place so that easy to find all objects.

Prepare Design on Sheet

Prepare Design template on sheet, also make precise marking on sheets.

Cut the Design Template

I used a scissor to cut all the outline of Design — I.

Make a Triangle Cut

In triangle cut, These marking are:-

for Fold ( — - — -)
for Cut ( ____)

Prepare the Other Half

Make sure the other part has similar size of cuts, which includes a equivalent triangle 1.4 cm and vertical cut of 4.2 cm. Cut The triangular shape through blade.

Prepare Cardboard for Cuts

Draw an outline with the help of template sheet on cardboard.

Cut Cardboard As Per Designed Outline

Start making cut the cardboard as outlined.

Use White Sheet Paper

Use white sheet for triangular and vertical cuts.

Cardboard Mobile Stand Is Ready

Join both cardboard and fold the triangular shape which gives a support and balance to stand.


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