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DIY Kite

I am going to teach you how to make a easy kite using material that you can find around your house.

Find Your Materials

For making this kite you will need:

  • A garbage bag/plastic bag(just needs to be big and flexible)
  • Two sticks
  • Scissors
  • String or tape
  • Ribbon

The Frame

The first step in making your kite you will need to make a frame that is study enough to keep it up in the sky.

Take 2 sticks from the first step(I used sewers) tape them to gather to keep them in place then make a loop around them with the string and tie the frames together.

The Sail

Next in this step take you bag and cut it to fit your frame or slightly bigger than it. Then lay it across the bottom to make sure they fit. After that take the string and time the ends of the frame and kite together. Make a large knot extremely tight to keep the kite in place.

Optional: Put in some glue for extra protections.

Flying Strings

First, tie a piece of string from one side of the cross stick to the other, leaving slack to form a triangle. Then, tie the end of a BIG BALL of string to the bottom portion of the main stick, loop under the slack cross string and tie a simple knot at the intersection of the two strings (so it forms a triangular pyramid shape).

Attaching Ribbons

People think that the ribbons are for looks, but they actually help the balance of the kite. But you can add many other things to keep it balanced like a small weight.

Dose It Fly

When flying the kite you have to be patient because if there is no wind then it will not be able to fly. The best places to fly a kite is where there is a lot of open ground, so it doesn't get stuck in anything. Remember be patient because it wont always lift off the first time.


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