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Glitter Shoes for Beauty and the Beast Theamed Wedding

One of my best friends had a beauty and the beast themed wedding. For the reception she wanted a pair of glittered Converse low tops. And me being the person who says "why buy it I can make that" decided to take on the challenge.

I also made the silver glitter shoes for the bridesmaids.


The very first thing that I did after buying the shoes in her correct size was to make a template. Mainly to be able to gage exactly where parts of the drawing would fit on the shoe (because it is an awkward shape).

I just traced the shoe on a piece of scrap paper. Then drew out the image on the template

Drawing on the Shoes

Next with a pencil I drew the image on the shoe free hand. Drawing lightly and going very slow. Once the initial drawing was completed I then went over my pencil lines with a fresh sharpie (in order to have the cleanest lines possible)


Due to the amount of different colors of glitter I would be using. I decided to first paint the canvas of the shoe with watercolor. Therefore only needing one layer of glitter and not accidentally contaminating the colors in the process.


Then came the glitter. With the smallest paintbrush I had I laid it down a thin layer of mod podge. And lightly sprinkled the needed color of glitter on top. One color at a time. Letting each color dry completely before moving on to the next. The last color to be used was black for all of the and the stained glass.

Finishing It Up

The last thing I had to do was to seal the shoes so that there was no glitter flaking off on the dance floor. For this I just used a satin mod lodge in two layers.

Wedding Time

My friend absolutely loved them for her wedding. People are asking her where she got them all night long. And it meant a lot to me that I was able to create something so unique for her special day.


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