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How to Draw a Realistic Eye in 6 Steps

In this tutorial I will teach you how to draw an eye that is realistic. This will only take six steps and probably around 30 to 45 minutes for a very good realistic eye and 10 to 20 minutes for a semi realistic eye.

Draw the Outlines

First you have to draw the outline of the eye. It is the shape of a side ways drop. On the left of the eye you can see that there is a tiny thing there, that is the tear duct. It is where tears come out of and every realistic eye will have that tear duct. Then you draw the outline of the eye ball inside of the eye. It is basically a circle that is cut off on the top.

Draw the Iris and Eyelashes

Next you have to draw the eyelashes. They are little flicks on the top of the eye. What is important is that you make the bottom eye lash a bit lower of the eye and make it so that it does not touch the eye. Then draw the iris which is just a tiny circle that is about an eighth of the eyeball outline. Then make the shine on the left like a little window. That window shall not be coloured in at all during this drawing.

The Top Eyebrows

Make two lines on top of the eye. One going across the entire eye and then another line on top of the first one but much shorter. Then on top of both of those lines draw an eye brow by making many lines going one way and then slightly slanting each line every time. This will create a great eyebrow effect.

Colour the Eyeball

First off you have to colour the iris as dark as possible. Make sure that you create a very light shading in the bottom part of the eye and make it very dark around the eyeball. This will take time so spend around 10 minutes on the inside of the iris because it is one of the most important parts of the realistic eye.

Shade the Inside of the Eyeball

Shade the edges inside of the eyeball. This will give a great sense of depth which will make it more realistic. Take 5 minutes to do this quick shading.

Finish the Eye

Finish the eye by shading the outside of the eye in spots where you think that the lighting would not reach very much if not at all. Make sure that you take time on this step because the shading is another one of those things that will make your eye ball just that bit more realistic. After you finish your shading you can simply do some finishing touches and then you are done with your realistic eye.


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