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How to Make a Crayon Picture

This picture is made not just from crayons being scribbled on paper, but also from the crayon wrappers! Here's how to make your own piece of artwork.


You need

a BUNCH of crayons with their wrappers attached
3 or more pieces of paper
tape (lots! I went through a whole roll;))
a knife/ scissors/ a rotary cutter


So now you have to unwrap all those crayons. For my "materpiece":P I decided to use pinks and reds to make a heart and other colors for the frame part. At first I tried to unwrap the crayons. DO NOT TRY THIS! I failed epically, and was sitting on the floor in despare before I happened to think of my rotary cutter! So I sliced the wrappers open. You can often get "two" wrappers from one, as the overlap on crayola crayons is large. Unwrap all your crayons!

Scribble Time!

Now you can unleash your inner preschooler. Take all your naked crayons (scandalous, I know) and scribble on your papers!

Attach the Papers

Read the title, and do as it says!

Draw Your Design

Draw your design in the middle. I colored in my heart so that it would look more put together. Sorry, no pictures of that.

Add the Wrappers!

Glue, tape or magically attach the wrappers in whatever design your little heart desires! I did a "frame" out of cool colors, but you can do anything!


Now hang it and take a step back. Perfection.


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