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How to Make a Minecraft Picture Frame

Hello everybody,

Isabel and I love Minecraft. As do our kids. We decided to combine our two passions; coffee pods and Minecraft, and create a picture frame. We hope you like the Instructable and if you like it, please vote for us!

Watch Our Video

Watch our video explaining in detail how to make the picture frame and than the Instructable. The materials we used are:
1 black capsule (Ristretto), different green capsules(Capriccio, Indriya from India and Fortissio Lungo), a picture frame to decorate, double sided scotch, paper and scissors

Prepare the Coffee Pods

Cut the top and the bottom off your coffee pod. Flatten it and than glue on some double sided scotch. Hereafter glue this onto a piece of math paper. This is necessary to cut regularly. Add another piece of double sided scotch.

Cut Out a Creeper Face

Use another piece of paper to draw a creeper face. Use this creeper face to know where to cut your black capsule.

Glue Your Creeper Face on the Picture Frame

This cut pieces can be used to glue onto the picture frame and make your creeper face. Now cut out various green pieces of coffee pod to finish the face.

Cut Out More Pieces and Finish the Frame

Now you need to cut out some more pieces. Use it to decorate the frame a bit more and voilà your picture frame is done.


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