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Super Mario Brothers World One

Lets Get Started!

Generate or Find a Picture Reference of the Super Mario World World One Island

find your picture

Using the Reference Photo, Create Different Aspects of the Picture in TinkerCad, or Any 3D Modeler of Your Choice. ( Hills, Ladder, Castle, Rocks, Etc.)

make sure to use tinker cad

Gather Materials

These are the recommended materials that you use, however, it will work with other materials if you can’t get your hands on some of these things.

Green/Gray 3D Printer Filament

Access to a 3D Printer

Green Blue, and Yellow paint


Box cutter


Hot glue

12oz soda bottle


Begin to 3D Print Your Pieces Using the 3D Modeler You Used Earlier

make sure to watch the printer while it works

Take Your Foam Board and Cut Out a 7x7 Inch Piece

use the box cutter

Trace the Base Landscape With a Pencil

lightly in case you have to erase

Begin by Painting the Outside Area With Light Blue Paint

repeat till no brush strokes are left noticeable

Using the Green Paint, Paint Inside the Traced Lines

repeat till no brush strokes are noticeable

Take Your EMPTY Soda Bottle and Cut Off the Bottom to the Desired Height

try and keep it even!

Sand the Entirety of the Bottle Very Slightly (helps the Paint Stick) and Begin to Paint From the Ridges Down in Yellow

sand lightly

Paint the Rigid Top of the Bottle Green

Use enough coats so it is no longer transparent.

Glue Everything Down

Glue the bottle (AKA the “hill”), to the back left corner of the green area

Hot glue the little hills/ objects you designed and 3D printed earlier in desired pattern. (Make sure they stay on the green part of the foam board though.)


Cut out 3 7x7 inch squares

Paint one side light blue (Repeat for all three boards.)

Take a fluffy paintbrush, add a small amount of white paint, and dab it in a cloud-like motion.

Glue sides on with the blue sky facing inward.

Enjoy Your Brand New Mock-up Model of a Super Mario World Island!



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