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Alice Madness Returns

How to paint your face like the Cheshire cat from the video game Alice Madness Returns.


first outline where your mouth will go, then cover your face in gray face paint leaving the mouth section clear.


to get the fur I added blotches of white face paint by the mouth/under the nose, and on the eyebrows.
Then I took a fan brush with VERY watered down white face paint and drug that over that white blotches to make it look like fur.
Then a got very, very, very watered down black face paint and drug it over the gray face paint.


Using black face paint I made the nose and drug a line from the nose to mouth.

Mouth Base

starting the mouth I used white paint to fill in the mouth and black to outline the mouth and fill in the open space in the mouth.


using matte black eyeshadow and a little black face paint I detailed the teeth and added shadows to the mouth.


Using a detail brush and black paint I made the whiskers.


This character also had blood on his teeth, so I took watered down red face paint to add to the teeth.

More Fur

Taking black eyeshadow I added for fur.

Body Base

Starting off thebodyi used the gray to make his skeleton like body. Then I took black and cleaned it up.

Detail the Body

Using the black eyeshadow I started adding shadows, using the gray as a highlight, and any places that needed more shadows I went in with black body paint.


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