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How to Make a Star Trek Phaser Rifle

hello this is How to make a Star Trek phaser rifle similar to the later star trek movies and tv
it is not a 100% accurate phaser but i think is fair

Gather Materials

you will need

1. a large sheet of styrofoam
2. a pen ( or better yet a sharpie.)
3.a picture of the phaser so you have references
4.scissors glue gun and hot glue
6.cardboard tape

Draw the Phaser

Draw the phaser rifle on the styrofoam to the size of the phaser
( Unfortunely I used a pen so the picture didn't come out too well.)

Cut It Out

cut out the shape of the phaser and it's recessed areas out of the styrofoam like so

Building Back Up Part 1

glue a few strips of cardboard together and glue to your cut out like in the picture

Building Up Part 2

build a trigger a trigger guard up with layered cardboard like in the picture

Boxing Off Part One

box off the little area like in the picture

Boxing the Next Area

make another boxed in area like picture depilcts

Just Boxing Some More

just continue boxing like in the picture

Almost There

just finish up boxing up here similar to the picture

The Scope

if you look at the the pictures it's self explanitory

Wrap in Duck Tape

wrap in duck tape color in and go shoot something I guess?


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