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Winter Wonderland Tiered Paper Gown Dress

Lets create a wonderful winter paper dress. This would make a beautiful display at a holiday party, an editorial style photo shoot, or a fabulous window display. Sure to add sophistication and style to whatever you desire.

This project only took 4–6 hours and cost me less than $10 to create. I used both new and recycled paper products to create this magnificent display dress.

Join me below to get started with the supplies you'll need.... Designing for a winter wonderland!!

Supplies You Will Need

White Poster Board — 2 Sheets

Paper Towels — 1 Roll

Paper Napkins — 1 Pack of 150

Coffee Filters- 2 Packs of 100

Recycled packing papers assorted

Paper Twine — 1 Bundle

Hot Glue Gun

Hot Glue Sticks — 1 Full Bag Long Sticks

*** I only used the above supplies upon finishing the dress, despite the many supplies in the supply photo. I didn't end up needing all of the rest. More products can be used to increase density and volume.

Trace Your Board

Draw a semi circle using 1/2 your waist measurement. I used a 12.5 inc round semi circle. Open the two boards and mirror the poster boards side by side.

Prepare Your Ruffle Tiers

Open Your napkins and let them hang handkerchief style.

Attach Your Napkin Tiers

Go ahead and attach your napkin bottom tier by gluing around the outer edge poster board.

Cut Section for Draping

Draw lines around the boards and associate towards the center of the waistline.

Skirt Pinning

Pin your skirt to a dressform or mannequin if possible to see placement. I used standard dressform pins to secure this piece.

Add More Tiers

Add more napkin tiers in a brick pattern. Fill in closely 2" apart for full tier skirt. For more full reduce spacing size. For less full skirt, increase spacing to 4"+. Fill in from the bottom up.

Add Paper Wrap Around Tie

Punch a hole in both sides of the front skirt edge with a pen. Insert the paper twine and tie it off. Wrap tie the skirt around the dressform or model and remove pins.

Add Bottom Tier Skirt Layers

Open up and separate the coffee filters.

Cut in half.

Glue Coffee Filter Tiers

Glue 1/2 coffee filters vertically on a paper towel and glue to the bottom of the skirt for added length if desired.

Pin the Bustier

Use the scrap pieces from the skirt template cutout as a bra form.

Pin side by side, overlapping the middle section.

Add Handkerchief Napkins

Add handkerchief napkins upside down and glue to bra-let. Work from one side to the other.

Add Middle Section

Use a scrap piece of paper for the middle section gluing it to the bra section.

Add Straps

Cut 2 rectangle pieces out of the recycled paper and glue on each side of the bra.

Add Folded Coffee Filters

Add folded coffee filters for increased texture. Apply 2–3 layers in brick spacing pattern.

Finish Details Center Bra Area

Add a piece of recycled glitter paper to the middle for some glam and a finished look.

Add Back Ties

Punch holes in the top halter straps using a pen. Insert paper twine and bow tie to finish.

Punch holes in the center corset bra piece using a pen. Punch 3 holes vertically per side.

Insert paper twine and bow tie to finish.

Finished Front Gown

Front + Details.

Finished Side + Details

Side + Details

Finished Back + Details

Finished back + details

Thank You + Congrats!

Thank you for joining me creating today. Congrats!! You did it!!!


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