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Make a Mini Village or Town in Photoshop

this instructible will show you how to give a photo of a town a handmade look.

First Things First!

of a town, city, football stadium, or anything you want to miniturise
i used this picture i found on the net!

i love the net.

Quick Mask!

enter quick mask mode by clicking on this symbol!
(the black rectangle with the white circle)


set up your gradient like this

Apply a Gradient

aply a gradient over the part of the photo you want the focus point to be.
for me this was the central tower

Quick Mask

exit quickmask mode and you should be left with a selection something like this..


apply a lens blur filter and use the default settings

you should get something like the second picture
if it dosent you may want to redo your gradient.

Hue/ Saturation

fiddle with the hue and saturation to make it look a little more handpainted

And Your Done!

isnt it suprising how little it looks!


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