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Duct Tape and Cardboard Tool Belt and Bags

Strong as leather and only cost me the price of a roll of duct tape,an old buckle, and a couple of hours.

1 roll of duct tape.
1 belt buckle
1 13in. x 7in. piece of card board
2 13in. x 5 in. pieces of card board

Hole Punch

The Belt

First a quick calculation take your waist size add 3 inches and doubble the result. this is how long to mak the belt strips.
Between 2 tables run the first strip adhesive side down then add 4 more layers on top.
now measure and mark the center and cut a small slit.

Belt Part 2

Insert the tounge of the buckle into the slit and thread the tape ends through the buckle and press together.
finally taper the end and punch the holes

Big Bag Part 1

Take your 13x7 piece of cardboard and cover one side in tape. Overlap the tape a little to insure water proofing.
now make a pocket by layering tape inot a 7x7 square . place the square at the top of the taped side of the card board and tape at the bottom of the square. pull the edges of the square in a half inch or so befor taping down to create room. .Now add a wide layer of tape on the opposite side below the pocket, making a wing.

Big Bag Part 2

Run a strip of tape down the inside of each wing. Now bring the wings back to the edge of the adhesive and attach to back side of cardboard. cover any exposed card board in tape. Finally meake 2 8 inch long straps 3 or four layers thick, and attach to the front top and bottom rear of the bag.

Little Bags

Follow the steps you used for the bigger bag skipping the inner pocket. as a finishing touch put a loop on bottom of the pocket you will wear on your dominant side. This is for you hammer. now fill with tools and get to work.


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