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Duct Tape Flowers

what a beautiful project. i made these two different flower for my mom for mothers day. the are simple and beautiful. an could be used to decorate almost anything. so enjoy, use your imagination, color and anything else that you can think of to make them even more beautiful.


for this project i used:

cutting mat

box cutter or hobby knife

preminate marker


straight edge

duct tape ( i used purple and teal)

pipe cleaners or thin wire (if you wish to put stems on them, i chose not to put stems on mine)

Lay Out the Tape and Mark for Cutting

pull out three strip of tape the length should be from about 12 inches to 15 inches.

once the tape is laid down on the cutting mat use the premante marker to mark the tape about and inch and about an 1 1/2 apart.

Cut the Tape

use the box cutter or hobby knife to cut on the lines marked, square up the ends of the tape if needed and trim about 3/8 of inch off the bottom of the tape to make if narrower

Fold the Tape

pull the little rectangles of tape down, take one corner, fold that corner down to the edge, do the same thing with the other corner, the little open flap were the tape can't adhere to its self adds a lot of dimension to the flower so when you dot the folding, it will look a lot better if all of these little openings go the same direction.

Stack Up the Layers

stack up the three layer,so that the petals are stargered and each layer is slightly lower that the last.

Roll the Flower Up

peal up the the strips and roll them up make sure that as you roll you press the tape down at the bottom of the flower to make sure that the tape adheres well.

if you are going to put a stem on it, take the pipe cleaner and wire ans stabe it into the bottom of the flower, and tape it in.

Start and Fold Flower Type 2

pull out two strips of tape about 12 inches long. fold one of the long edges down till it almost meets the edge of the other side you want about 3/8 of an inch of adhesive showing.

Cut the Flower Petals Flower Type 2

use you scissor to cut through the folded part of the tape down to the adhesive, the cuts should be about 1 inch apart.

cut each of the little rectangles in to a petal shape.

Roll It Up Flower Type 2

roll the flower up, make sure to press the adhesive down well.

Trim the End and Cover If

this step is optional, but i think it helps to make the flower stronger and to make it look more finished.

use the scissors to trim the back end off the flower, than cut a small square of tape and cut slits from the center of the sides pointing to the center of the square, place the bottom of the flower and mold around the bottom of the flower.

if you going to put a stem on the flower now is the time to do it. take a pipe cleaner or or thin piece of wire and stab it in to the bottom of the flower, cover it with a bit of tape.

I chose not to put stems on mine

Turn the Petal

turn the petals out a little bit if you like.

Your done, I hope you enjoyed this instructable, if you liked this please vote for me.

Please always fell free to comment if you have anything you would like to add.


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