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How to Make Simple Flip-Flops

These can be used for many things: getting the newspaper, stepping outside, walking around a broken light bulb that you have cleaned most of up, and many more things. These take about five minutes to make and the materials can be found in the trash or around the house.

What You Will Need

1. Corrugated cardboard
2. Scissors
3. Old bike tube
4. Duck tape
5. Marker
6. Electrical tape(optional)

Measuring/ Tracing

For this step you will simply make a rough outline of your foot. make it a little bit larger than your foot. It's better to make it too big than too little. When you trace, make sure the lines on the corrugated cardboard are parallel to the length of your foot. This will keep the cardboard from bending when you walk.

Cut It Out

Cut around the traced lines. Flip it over and trace it onto another piece of cardboard. Cut that out too. Doing this will keep the size of both shoes the same.

Using the Bike Tube and a Lot of Cutting

Cut the bike tube so it is a strip of rubber instead of a tube.
Cut this strip in equal halves.
Cut two segments that are also equal.

Using the Segments

1.Place your foot on the cardboard like you would a flip-flop.
2.Take the bike tube and lay it across your foot.
3.Then tape the bike tube to the bottom so it is snug, but not tight.

Your Finished!!!

If you want to paint the shoes you can, or if you want to make them last longer you can put electrical tape ouraind then, or you can use duck tape.


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