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Embroidered Postcards

We love our town here at alt+library, which is why we’ve spent a lot of time this summer embroidering postcards in its honor. Here is a little guide to stitching your own:


Supplies: embroidery floss, awl, embroidery needles, cardboard scrap, cardstock, scissors, glue, image.

Postcard Backs

You can start by printing a nice old fashioned looking postcard back onto perforated cardstock. We use Staples Matte White Postcards–$21.99 for 200 cards–we’ve made a lot of cards this summer. Remember to save half the cards for your blank postcard fronts. Or skip this completely and just cut out a rectangle of nice sturdy cardstock in the color of your choice.

Punch Some Holes

Now, take an image you like the look of (we recommend starting with something with lots of straight lines if you are new to embroidery) and place the image on top of your blank cardstock (leave those fancy backs to the side for now). With the image and the cardstock on top of a piece of cardboard, use your awl to make an outline of your image. Depending on how detailed your image is this can take a while–give your wrist a shake if you get tired. There is a nice satisfying crunch each time you poke through the cardstock into the cardboard. If you don’t have an awl you can use a needle–but that is even more tiring.

Get Sewing

After you've punched those holes you now have a pattern for your project. Using a back stitch or stem stitch (of sorts), follow the outline you’ve made. Take a look at Jenny Hart’s Sublime Stitching for some embroidery basics and marvelous patterns.

If you don't want to frame your card--glue on one of those postcard backs (or plain cardstock) and mail it to someone who will appreciate all your hardwork.


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