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Indigo Handmade Embroidery on T-shirt

Hand Embroidery is a fantastic art form. I have hand embroidered this Indigo pattern using the three different stitches on my T-shirt. Hope you enjoy this artwork.

Supplies and Specifications

The hoop I have chosen is a wooden hoop. Indigo thread could be any brand you like or is available at your city. Regular hand sewing or embroidery types.

Draw the Pattern

This is the first step after you have gathered the supplies and are ready to kick-off your project. I have used pen to draw the pattern on the cloth. Refer pic 1.

Lazy Daisy Stitch on Rows 1 & 3

I have used five leaves of the Lazy Daizy stitch for the semi-circle pattern. See pic 1. Then repeated the same on the other end of the semi-circle. I have tried the 'Running Stitch' along the semi-circle boundaries along these two bunch of leaves. stitches. See pic 2. Complete row 1. Repeat the same pattern on row 3.

Buttonhole Stitch on Row 2

Make a buttonhole stitch as shown in pic 1 for the entire semi-circle for row 2. Check pic 2 & 3.

Add Running Stitch Connecting the Semi-circles

A simple running stitch connects the 3 semi-circles in rows 1 & 3 and 5 semi-circles in row 2. Final image is ready as in pic 5 above.

Wonderful! Your Indigo embroidery pattern is ready.


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