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Glow-in-the-dark Sandals

Ever need to get up during the night and can't find your sandals? Or go for a walk at night and want to make yourself a little more visible? These Glow-in-the-dark sandals are quick and easy to make, and are really cheap!

My daugher, Miriam (11 years old) has been begging me to let her do this Instructable ever since she saw the "Footwear contest" open up. She spent a good deal of time yesterday making them and taking pictures, so I'll turn it over to her now to write the rest.


For this project you need...

  • 2 rolls of glow-in-the-dark duct tape (I used both rolls that had 10 feet of duct tape on them.)
  • Lots of cardboard
  • a pencil
  • a ruler
  • scissors
  • elastic cord
  • a pair of shoes (it would be better if you use sandals that fit you)

Tracing and Cutting

Trace you right and left shoe onto the cardboard 3 times each. 3 cut outs was the right thickness for the soul of the shoe. If you want the shoe thicker cut out more. Set aside the the 3rd cut out of each shoe(you will understand later). You need to cut out the cardboard because it shapes the shoe and gives it its sturdiness.

Poking the Holes

For this step you will need scissors, the cut outs, and the ruler(if you don't have a ruler you can use some other source of measurement or just use your foot;p). ONLY POKE HOLES IN TWO OF THE CUT OUTS!!! Take 2 left foot cut outs and 2 right foot cut outs and poke one hole 2 inches down (or wear it fits you) in the cut outs. poke two more holes where your heel ends on the shoe cut out (Measurements for me were 1 and a half inches up and half an inch in for the two holes on the bottom.

Time to Add the Glow!

Now we will glow! We need to connect the 2 cut outs with holes in them. I wrapped the tops of the shoe while I was at it. Make sure the holes line up and you do not cover them with duct tape. It is okay if it looks messy right now, we will go over it later.

Adding the Elastic

Cut reasonable sizes of elastic to go through the holes like I did here. Make sure to tie them on the part that is not covered in duct tape. To make sure it is secure, place a piece duct tape over the knot.

For Extra Security

Add the 3rd cut out on the back just for padding and security. Place the cut out on the back of the others. to secure this, wrap duct tape around the whole thing making it neat. the bottom of the shoe should have tape on it too so it does not collect moisture and mold.

For It to Stay on Your Foot

Take a long piece of elastic and thread it through the loops. Tie it in the back. Your done! Now you can have fun in the dark and you can easily find your shoes!


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