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How to Make a Rain Poncho Out of a Shower Curtain

Rob and Corinne of Threadbanger are at it again, this time re-using and recyling a shower curtain! Take one of your shower curtains and make it into a unique rain poncho following these directions. For more info, watch the video! Want to make more recycled and individual fashion? Subscribe to Threadheads on iTunes!


Shower curtain, sewing machine, nylon thread (we used transparent), tissue paper, leather sewing machine needles, scissors, tape measure, ruler, permanent marker

Have fun!

Vinyl Sewing and Shower Curtain Preparation

First, some basic vinyl sewing tips using your regular sewing machine with no special attachments:

Put a leather needle on your machine, thread a bobbin of the nylon thread, and set a stitch length to 3 or higher. Place the tissue paper between the vinyl and the feed dog so that the vinyl doesn't stick, and start sewing. Be careful not to sew on the same spot more than once or it will weaken and rip easily. When you're done, tear the tissue paper away and voila!

If you're using an old shower curtain, be sure to wash it very well first. We highly recommend some of the anti-mold cleaner Meg made on an episode of Decor it Yourself .

Keeping these tips in mind, now it's poncho time!

Cut the Shower Curtain Into Poncho Shape

Measure and cut the shower curtain 55 inches wide by its existing length, which measured about 67 inches for us. Cut off any seams, including the top piece that has the holes for shower hooks.

Draw a 12-inch line parallel to the bottom seam in the exact middle of the rhombus. Cut along the line. This is the head hole.

Making the Hood

Take out the extra piece you cut off, fold it in half right sides together, and draw a hood shape starting from the fold. (If you need help making a hood shape, try tracing a hood from a shirt you already have. But make sure you don't cut the fold apart!)

Cut out the hood shape and sew a seam along the back curve.

Attaching the Hood to the Body

Take out the body section and cut a 2-inch slit in the middle of one side of the head hole. Fold the flaps under and pin them down to make the front neck opening of the poncho. Pin the hood inside of the hole. It helps to carefully try it on a couple times and make sure it lays right.

Sew the hood onto the body, making sure to sew all the way around the hole.

And you are now prepared for all those spring showers!


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