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Hidden Book Love Compartment

This project is a old practice with a modern twist. Making this for that "Special Someone" is worth wild especially for those book lovers. With St. Valentine's Day right around the corner (like two weeks) there is not much time. Luckily this can be done in 2–3 hours.


Every project needs supplies and this project is no exception. The main supplies needed are:
1. A Book
2. An Exacto- Knife
3. Some felt. (Any color will do. A bright red= Warm friendship
A dark red= Passionate love
White= Good friends
3. Some kind of glue. (I used super glue but anything else will work just fine.
4. Elmer's White Glue

Choosing the Book

Almost any book will work for this project. There are however a few details that can be taken into account for the end result to be successful.
1. A Hard Cover book will be best because you can accidental cut through the book's back.
2. Some book that won't be missed.
3. A relatively medium sized book.
4. Something with special meaning. (Such as a book that both of you like.)

Planning the Cut

The cut can be made to anyone's specifications or preferences. However, once the cutting has been started, your book will have to be cut that way till your done. The way I planned mine was putting the ruler to the edge and tracing the inside part. I repeated for each side. Once that was complete I was given an inch of border. Once all side have been traced move on to the next step.

Binding the Cover

Now you will want to get some water and that glue.
What you will be doing to the book is putting diluted LIQUID glue onto the outside edges.
To Clarify: Only the part made of paper.
Now, mix the water and glue together to get a relatively liquid consistency.
Then lightly brush the solution over the page's edges.
It should take no more than 10 minutes to dry.


This is where the fun begins.
Begin using the exacto-knife to cut away at the line making a rectangle in your book. You may want to use the ruler as a stencil to get a straight line. Once you get the first 20+ pages out then you can stop using the ruler. Continue cutting until you get to the depth you want.

Laying the Felt

Once you have the pages cut you will want to take one of the more recent pages you cut out and trace it over the felt.
I would recommend putting the super glue on only one end. This will make a felt flap.

Secret Secret Compartment (Optional)

Now if you have about two or more inches left in your book then you can make a small square with your knife and hide that under the felt flap.

One Last Finally

Now your done. I hope this was as enjoyable to me as it is to you. My last words are " Make the most of time with those you care for".
Happy Valentine's Day


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