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Incredibly Easy Felt Laptop Sleeve

This felt laptopsleeve is really fast to make! Give it a go and let me know what you made of it:)

Everything You Need

3mm felt (measurements in step 2)
Large liner
2 buttons
Lint or string
Chalk (to draw on the felt with)

Sewing machine

Measure and Cut

Depth (or length) measurement:
Fold the felt around the laptop, approx. 2,5x the depth. My felt was a bit shorter, this way I could make 2 projects:)
Mark the felt with the chalk and cut.

Width measurement:
The width of the laptop needs a bit of extra wiggle room. In the second picture I added 1cm. This was enough for this very thin laptop. My sewing machine took qof 0,5cm while sewing. The total in cm is marked and cut. Use at least 2 meauring points for this.

Use the liner to check if every edge is straight.
Especially if the felt wasn't machine cut for you. The edge in picture 7 needed some extra love. With the end of the liner in the corner it is easier to mark a straight line and 90° corner.
Cut on the inside or outside of the line, not in the middle. This way your edges will be straight.

Prepare for Sewing

Fold the felt around your laptop and mark the inside edge. Secure with binderclips. With 3mm felt this works much better than pins:)

If you want your inside edge to have a finished look, wait with the binderclips and sew that edge first.

Put That Machine to Work

Grab your sewing machine and sew around all edges in one line.

If you have multiple stitching options on your machine, choose a thicker stitch. Picture 4 shows the difference between a regular stitch and the one I chose. Picture 5 shows the pictogram of the chosen stitch on my sewing machine.

Finishing Touches

Hide the leftover thread, by threading a needle and pulling it though the side of your project.

Measure where you want your buttons, mark and sew them on. Using a thick or double thread makes this a lot easier and faster.

Tie the ribbon or string on the upper button. Wind it around both and you're done!:D

The Result

Very good job! Enjoy your hard work:)


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