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Five Rows of Trans Pride!

This is kinda hard to put into words so I took a bunch of pics. Unfortunately I took the pics myself so some of them are hard to understand. I think I make it pretty clear though. If you get frustrated, it's ok. This is a complicated bracelet. Also I messed up on it more times than I can count. Just go back and try again. I encourage you to frequently check your progress to make sure it looks right. It's easier to go back a couple steps than a bunch. Happy crafting!


You will need:

  • at least 50 blue bracelet rubber bands
  • at least 50 pink bracelet rubber bands
  • at least 25 white bracelet rubber bands
  • at least 48 neutral colored bracelet rubber bands (clear, white, I used a light pinkish purpley)
  • about 9 rubber band bracelet clasps
  • hook tool that comes with most packs of rubber band bracelet kits

These numbers are based on my wrist size. Before you start make a single row bracelet to see how large your wrist is. Remember to count in that fact that the more rows to a bracelet the tighter it is going to be. For example a one row bracelet my wrist uses 20 rubber bands, with this bracelet I had to use 25.

Hooking Up

Start by putting rubber bands on hooks. Put 2 blues, 2 pinks, and 1 white. To do this — squash a rubber band and pull both pieces of it through the hook.

It Looks So Light Because It Glows in the Dark

Start with blue. Yes this is blue. I wanted my bracelet to glow in the dark so I got the glow kit. The colors are lighter.

25 Blue 24 Neutral

Hook a neutral colored rubber band on the arm of the blue rubber band that is on the hook.

The Manuevers

Take the special hook tool and thread it through both loops of the blue rubber band. Make sure to never twist the rubber band or it will look weird.

This Is the Best Way I Know to Do It Without a Loom

I don't use a loom, instead I hook the blue rubber band on my finger and work off that.

Almost There

Use the hook to grab the blue rubber band from your finger and pull it through the first blue rubber band.

This is how each link will be executed.

On this step it is important to make sure the first neutral rubber band goes through the second rubber band as well as a new neutral rubber band. So each blue rubber band should have two neutral rubber bands within its link.

So to make each link:

  1. Put the previous neutral rubber band in between the arms of the new blue rubber band.
  2. Put a new neutral rubber band also on the arm of the blue rubber band.
  3. Take the hook through both arms of the blue rubber band.
  4. Wrap a new blue rubber band onto your finger.
  5. Use hook to pull new blue through the arms of the old blue.
  6. Repeat.

Keep a Keen Eye!

It is waaaaaaaaay important to look over your work frequently. The first time I attempted a three row bracelet I made a mistake near the beginning but since I wasn't watching, I got almost to the end before having to redo everything. Needless to say I threw across the room and called it a night. Please keep check on your work.

Hooking Off

When you finish the first row, (congrats!!) use another clasp hook thing to keep your rubber bands from falling apart. Slip one arm on at a time .

Stop and Smell the Flowers

Stop here and look at your creation carefully. It should look very similar to this picture. Pull all the neutral rubber bands down to prepare for the next row.

Starting Pink

Take the pink beginning that we started in first step and let one arm fall under the first neutral rubber band and the other on top.

Getting Started, Again

This is a bad picture but hey I only have two hands. Use the hook tool to slide through the first arm of the pink rubber band the first neutral rubber band then the second arm of the pink rubber band, in that order.

Same Song, Different Color

With the pink you do the same as the blue, only you don't have to add neutral rubber bands, they are already there. Make sure each pink link has two neutral threads through it. They should be from different neutrals. Hook through one arm of the pink, hook through the two aligned neutrals, then through the second pink arm. Grab a new pink on your finger, use the hook to pull it through the starting pink, repeat. (Hint — When you pull a band through your hook will already be through the first arm.)

As We Progress

As you continue it should look like this. Don't forget to check frequently that your rubber bands align with each other.

Fast Forward

Now that you have finished the pink row us a hook clasp to tie off the end. Slide one arm at a time.

It Looks Like a Flimsy Rubbery Ladder

Make sure everything is aligned. Then slide all the pinks close to the blues.

This Is Where It Gets Tricky

We begin with white.

Combining Two Sets of Three

Very similar process to what you have been doing, only adding a new row of neutral rubber bands.

Hook through the first arm of the white rubber band. Slide a new neutral rubber band onto the hook. Run hook through previous neutral. Hook last arm of white. Prepare for round two.


Pull a new white through all those rubber bands. On the second row we include two threads from each side. Which really means four threads. Imagine doing two three rowed bracelets at once because this is exactly what you are doing. I've said it a bunch but really this is where it is most important — keep a check to make sure everything is aligned.


Here's a picture for reference when checking yourself.

You Have Passed the Peak of the Mountain

When you finish the white row give yourself a pat on the back after clasping it, of course.

Home Stretch

It's all downhill from here. Use the same process as you did for the first pink row to complete the next pink and blue row.

One More to Go!

This is how it looks when you finish the pink row. Close the end and push all the pinks up to the white row.


The blue is an easy finish. It's done in the same fashion as the pink. When you finish the row, there is no need to use a new hook. Hook that sucker onto the starting hook for that row.


One row at a time, unhook one hook to connect that row in a circle. When you finish connecting all the rubber bands, slide your wrist through and sport your new awesomely kool pride bracelet.


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