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Interchangeable Lego Necklace

So I was perusing through lego instructables on this here fine site, and I noticed a few pertaining to the creation of lego necklaces. I thought this a brilliant idea but upon further investigation, I noticed that they involved drilling through the lego people/pieces. This gave me the idea of creating a necklace that avoided the modification of precious legos, as well as allowed the builder to change out the main necklace piece. This instructable will show you how to make a lego necklace that can be modified to hold lego people as well as plain bricks (if you're feeling classic lego:]). It is quite simple to make and requires no hard to get pieces. It is a combination of lego and technic (which, for those of you who don't know, is a product of the Lego Corporation) I hope you enjoy this instructable as much as I did, because I am biased in that regard, seeing as I created it. Thank you.


These are the parts you need to make this necklace:

- String, cut to desired length. I used a chain I already had.
-Two 5 hole connector pieces. Make sure they're roughly the same thickness as a 1x4. Don't use the skinny ones. Sorry I don't have a better name for them.
-1x2 Brick with a hole for a plus shaped connector post.
-2 2-hole connector pieces with a hole for a plus shaped connector post
-1 plus shaped connector post; shortest kind. See picture.
-2 connectors that are half plus shaped and half circular connector.
Depending on what you want to make, these are optional:
-1 2x4 brick
-A lego man. As you can see I have Darth Maul, a Battle Droid, a pirate, a stormtrooper, a british officer, and a classic lego guy with a ball cap. For the purposes of this 'ible, I will be using the stormtrooper.

Assembling the Necklace Base

This is the base of the necklace that will be used for both the lego man necklace, and the 2x4 necklace.
1. You will need:
-Both 5 hole connector pieces
-Both 2 hole connectors with the plus shaped hole.
2. Start by inserting one of the 2 hole connectors into the lowest two holes on a 5 hole connector piece.
3. Follow up by inserting the other 2 hole connector into the next two holes up on the same 5 hole connector piece.
4. Slide the other 5 hole connector piece onto the other side, so it matches the first 5 hole connector piece. You have just created the necklace mainframe.

**Once again, I apologize for not using better terminology. If you have any suggestions, please tell me. If you are at all confused, the pictures should help.

Making the Lego Man Necklace

This step shows you how to make a necklace sporting a lego man of your choice.
1. You will need:
-The Necklace mainframe, which you made in the previous step.
-The short, plus shaped connector post
-The 1x2 brick with a hole for a plus shaped connector post
-A lego man (sorry he's not in the picture)
2. Start by inserting the plus shaped connector post into the 1x2 brick. The post should go all the way to the other side of the brick, but not any further. Half of the post should be in the brick, and half should be out.
3. Insert the brick and plus shaped connector post assembly into the lowest plus shaped hole on the necklace mainframe.
4. Now, take your lego man, and stand him on the brick/necklace assembly. See pictures.
5. Finally, thread your chain/string through the open holes in the top part of the necklace mainframe (these will be the two holes in the yellow connector pieces. See first image) Ta da! You're very own interchangeable lego man necklace.

Making the Classic Brick Necklace

Now some of you might want a more classic lego look, so I've included a step that allows you to make a necklace using a classic 2x4 brick. This does not require major modification to the necklace base, so it is quite easy to change between lego man and brick.
1. You will need:
-Necklace Mainframe
-2x4 Brick
-The two half plus connectors, half circle connectors.
2. Start by inserting your first half plus, half circle connector into the lowest plus shaped hole on the necklace mainframe.
3. Insert your second half plus, half circle connector into the second plus shaped hole on the necklace mainframe. Obviously you'll be inserting the plus shaped end.
4. Now take your 2x4 brick, and line up the connectors with the top and bottom holes in the back of the brick. Slide it on there, string your chain/string through the holes and you have your necklace!


Thank you so much for taking the time to read my instructable. I hope to hear constructive criticism and compliments.


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