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Diy Wolf Tail

Hey everybody it's momo. And today I'm going to show you how to make a fox Tail for a party or as a keychain, etc. So let's get started!


1- 3 or 4 different colored yarn (NEEDS TO BE 100% ACRYLIC!!!)
2- scissors
3- pet brush


Take one color of yarn and lay it down in equal amounts about 20 times. (Mine is like 18)


Cut the ends on one side and braid down from a knot on the other end

Separate String

Take a separate piece of string and tie it tightly around. The you'll brush it with the pet brush... And that's my random cat


Brush every strand of the string left over. I find it best to only brush 3 strands at a time.


Just follow the steps above

Add It On

Take it by the strings and hold it up and tie it around the braid

Other Side

Put the other one you made on the opposing side so it covers all the way around.


Keep adding different colors on to the braid until you reach the very top

Thanks •_£

I hope you guys enjoy this tutorial for a cute fox tail. If you haven't already click the button above subscribe to the farm family and give a cow it's wings. Love y'all~~~


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