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How to Knit

Although it may seem daunting at first, once you get the hang of it, knitting can be an easy and relaxing hobby! To get started you will only need two things:

1. Yarn of your choice
2. Knitting needles

The key to achieving the right knitting consistency is in the needle size. You want to be sure that the number on the end of your needles matches the number that is on your yarn packaging. However, if you want the stitches to be a little looser, you can use needles that are a size or two bigger.

Casting On

After selecting your yarn and needles, you are ready to begin your project! The first thing you need to do is cast on your yarn. Now, for certain projects, you may need to do a specific type of casting on, but this is one of the basic techniques that can be used for most projects.

You want to start by unraveling about 3 feet of your yarn. For this technique, you will need a long loose end because that is where the yarn will be pulling from. The term "loose end" refers to the end that is not connected to your ball of yarn.

Next, you will want to wrap the yarn around your non-dominant hand. The loose end should be by your thumb and the connected end should wrap around your pointer finger. Once you have wrapped the yarn around your hand, gather the two strings together.


Now, move your knitting needle to the far left.

Pull your needle through the two strings.

Next, move your needle to the far right.

Pull your needle between the two strings.

Now pull your needle back through the two strings between your thumb.

Pull tightly on the strings to create a secure cast on. This is what your needle should look like at this point. Repeat steps 3–8 until you have your desired number of stitches.

Now that all of your stitches are casted on, you are ready to begin knitting! You will need your second needle now. Begin by holding the needle with the stitches in your left hand and the bare needle in your right. Take your bare needle and hold it to the right of the first stitch. Insert it through the stitch and under the needle.

Now take your string of yarn and wrap it around your bare needle. You will go behind the needle and then wrap it back around the front. Your string should end up in the same position that it started in.

You will now pull your needle through to create a new stitch. You will keep the loose end of the string with the needle as you pull it through.

To transfer the stitch onto the new needle, you will simply slide the needle to the left until it has separated from the other needle. If your yarn is loose, this is where you can tighten it.

You will continue steps 9–12 until you have completed your row. Once your row is done, you will begin again and continue until you have your desired number of rows. After the first few rows, your project should look like this.

When you are ready to finish your project, you will need to cast off. To start, begin by knitting two stitches onto your needle.

Now, take the needle in your left hand and gently pull the first stitch over the second. Pull the stitch off of the needle. You will now be left with only one stitch on your needle. To continue casting off, knit one more stitch and then repeat this process. You will do this until all of the stitches have been released.

Now you're done! Congratulations, you have just knit your first project. Hopefully it looks like a much bigger version of something like this.


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