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Learn How to Join in New Yarn When Knitting

Have you ever worked on a project, thinking your skein was enough…only to run out before you finished? Did you tie a knot? Because knots can become loose and unravel all of your stitches, this isn’t the best way to add in more yarn.

I’ll show you how to join in new yarn securely, so you never again have to knot your yarn…or panic when you’re at the end of your skein! So easy, & quick…you’ll love your new skill!

Watch the video above or follow the photo tutorial, or both!

Let's Begin! You'll No Longer Be Using Your Original Yarn

Insert Your Right Needle Into Your First Stitch As If to Knit

Prepare to Join in New Yarn & Loop New Yarn in an Arch As Shown

Place Loop of New Yarn Over Right Needle

Complete the Knit Stitch With New Yarn As You Normally Would

After You Knit the Stitch, Pick Up Your Original Working Yarn

Lay Original Working Yarn Over Two New Strands. This Will Keep Your Yarns Secure and Prevent a Hole

Hold Down Overlapped Yarn Strand, and Pick Up Two New Yarn Strands. Prepare to Knit

Holding Both of Your New Strands Together As One, Knit the Next 3 Stitches

This Is What Your First 4 Stitches Will Look Like After You First Join in Your New Yarn

Now, You Will Simply Drop the Tail Strand of Your New Yarn, and Continue Knitting the Rest of Your Project

Now, you will simply drop the tail strand of your new yarn, and continue knitting the rest of your project with the new long working strand. Once your finished knitting, be sure to weave in all your yarn tails.

I hope you enjoyed learning your new skill! May it encourage your love of knitting & creativity!


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