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Honeysuckle Fragrance Oil

There is tons of honeysuckle growing right now. As I walk my dog everyday, the fragrance is positively intoxicating. I decided to preserve it for the rest of the year by making a simple infused oil.

Collect Materials

You will need:

A sterilized mason jar
Carrier oil
Lots of honeysuckle flowers

Grab a ziplock bag and gather honeysuckle. Get more than you think you need! While you are doing this, sterilize your jar, band, and lid. I sterilize these things in the oven. It's pretty easy. Put the jar, band and lid in a 250 degree oven for 20 minutes. Plenty of time to walk down the alley and rob the neighbors honeysuckle!

Prepare the Oil

Put the lovely flowers you stole, errrrr, borrowed? Whatever, put them in the jar. Cover with a carrier oil. I used canola because it has very little fragrance on its own, it's cheap, and I had it in my cupboard. You can use a fancier carrier oil if you choose. Put the jar in a dark place for several weeks. If you like the fragrance, strain the solids out and put the oil in a new sterilized jar. If you want a stronger fragrance, repeat the above steps. Enjoy!


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