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Easy Tank-Top Design

This easy tank-top design is a great way to repurpose old shirts into new and functional tank-tops. If you're looking for other, more challenging designs, take a look at our intermediate and advanced designs.

Materials Needed:

1 t-shirt (we recommend your usual size)

1 pair of scissors

1 sharpie, clothing, or permanent marker

1 ruler or tape measure


Lay the shirt evenly across a flat surface. Make sure the front side of the t-shirt is facing upwards.

Measure the Sleeves

Find the left sleeve. Measure 2 inches from the seam of the sleeve.

Mark Cutting Points

Take the marker and mark a dash at the measured point.

Repeat all the way down the seam with a little space in between the dashes. Re-measure it at each point 2 inches away from the seam.

Repeat Steps 2–3

Repeat steps 2–3 on the right sleeve.

Cut the Sleeves

Find the left sleeve. Start from where you have made your marks and cut down following the dashed line.

We recommend cutting on the side of the dotted line closest to the collar so that the marker is cut out.

*This step is easier with two people, one cutting and one holding the shirt taut.

Repeat Step 5

Repeat step 5 on the right sleeve.

Make Sure Sleeves Are Even

Sleeves should be even. If you need to make adjustments to even the sleeves, make them now.

(*optional) — The shirt is now complete. You also have the option to cut the collar.

Measure the Collar

With the shirt facing up, measure 1.5 inches from the collar all the way around.

Cut the Collar

Cut along the dashed line on the opposite side of the collar. After this is done, your tank-top is complete.


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