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Rainbow Loom Cat Face Charm Tutorial

A metal hook

A Rainbow Loom board

2 x green rubber bands (hair)

~ 40 x brown rubber bands (face)

NOTE: I can explain the steps until the ears, then need refer to the Video as too hard to explain with just images.

Step 1 — Lay Down First Pegs

Use 2 brown rubber bands and lay across 2 pegs as show

Step 2 — Form Upside Down V

Lay down next 2 brown rubber bands as show (form upside down V)

Step 3 — Straight Down Pegs

2 rubber bands lay straight down as show

Step 4 — Lay 3 Straight Down

Lay down 2 brown rubber bands for 1, 2, 3

Step 5 — Continue Lay Down Bands

Lay down 2 brown rubber bands as show

Step 6 — Form the Eye

To make the eye, loop first green rubber band 4 times into the hook, do same for 2nd green band

then add a brown rubber band in

Transfer the 2 green bands into the brown band and lay down the 2 pegs as show

Step 7 — Continue for the Eye

Hook the brown rubber 1 up as show

Step 8 — Make the Ears and Continue

For the ears and beyond, please refer to the video at 2:49 as too hard to explain the process

Thank You for watching!


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