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3D Cereal Box Stars

Introduction here!

Gather Supplies

For this craft, you will need:
Cereal box
8.5 * 11 cardstock paper
Masking tape
Bone folder
Box cutter
Paint of choice
Star shape of choice

Make Stencil

1. Find image/digital file of star you want and size. Feel free to use the one I've included which makes about a 7 inch star.
2. Print star on cardstock or draw freehand.
3. Cut along outline to make the stencil.

Trace, Cut, and Fold Outline

1. Open up the cereal box so that it is flat and open to the matte brown side.
2. Trace with a marker around the stencil on the two largest sides of the cereal box.
3. Cut out the stars with a box cutter.
4. Take a bone folder to the glossy (back) side of each star and make folds from each of the five points to the opposite inner vertex.

Tape Two Sides Together

1. Line up the two folded stars back to back.
2. Using 3/4" or thicker masking tape, center align ten 2.5" strips of tape along each side of the star and fold down and cut off stray edges.

Finishing Touches

1. Paint the star.
2. Decorate as you wish!


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