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Cardboard Pineapple Pen Holder

This pen holder is very easy to make.

You need very little things to make this pen holder and you don’t even need glue to make this. If you are creative you can make modifications to this by adding something to this. Follow these simple steps to make this pineapple pen holder. Hope you will like this…..

You Will Need


Pair of scissors




Draw 4 circles of 5 cm radius on the cardboard and cut them out.

Divide each circle equally into 8 sections and mark it with a pencil.

Make cuts of 1 cm length from outside the circle along the pencil lines marked in the previous step. (fig.1 shows the cuts in red color)

Take 3 circles and draw a circle of 2.5 cm in the center of each 3 circles. Cut and remove each of the center circles. (Remove the green color area in fig.1)

Take a cardboard of 15*6 cm and draw a half of a pineapple shape as in fig.2.

Cut it off and use it as a block to draw the other parts.

Using this block draw the shape on the cardboard and cut them off. You can use a decorative border scissor to get scallops at the outer edge of the half pineapple shape. If you don’t have this kind of a scissor you can make small scallops using a normal scissor. Make 8 from this shape.

Make cuts of 1 cm length on the half pineapple shape as in fig.2. (Fig.2 shows the cuts in red color).

Erase all the pencil marks on circles and half pineapple shape.

Color all the shapes cut from the cardboard with crayons using suitable colors.

Connect the circle shape to the bottom of the half pineapple shape through the cuts. Then connect the ring shapes to the half pineapple shape through the other 3 cuts.

Connect the remaining half pineapple shapes to the circle and rings in the same manner.

Adjust all the parts carefully to get the desired.

Now your pen holder is ready to use.


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