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How to Make Paper Flower

In this paper flower tutorial, I will show you how to make paper flower. Paper flowers are great for decorating a space and is much cheaper and long lasting than real flower. Which means your paper flower will look fresh and new. Paper crafts are a good way to learn a new skill. Paper craft is not only for kids, so take advantage and learn to make this flower and additional diy paper flowers. DIY paper flower can save you a lot of if a large amount has to be created, especially for a paper flower backdrop.

After watching this video you will no longer wonder how to make a paper flower. You will know how to make paper flower.

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Fringe Yellow Cardstock

Fold a sheet of yellow cardstock and fringe.

Fringe Red Paper

Fold 2 sheets of red paper and fringe.

Row Yellow Cardstock

Row yellow onto a floral wire

Roll Red Over Yellow

Roll the red paper over the yellow

Spread Red

Spread red from over yellow


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