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Alien & PredAlien Cake Topper

This is our Alien and PredAlien Wedding Cake topper that was outlawed at our wedding! I bought two rare and adorable cosbaby toys and built this cake topper, all to find out that my mom wouldn't let me use it in our wedding. But I switched the cake toppers out during the reception!!

I was walking around in Laughlin, Nevada with my fiance and he said "wow, I'm surprised to see AVPR showing in this town full of old people! I can't wait to see it!" And I thought...what the hell is he talking about? Then I jumped back a decade in my memory and relived the day where my cousins and I saw the Predator move with Schwarzeneggar, and how scared I was. I had no intention of seeing this movie. But something motivated me to see it with him. Now I'm in love with the entire series and hope that they make an AVPR II. And beyond.

I really love our cake topper.:) We need to take it out of the wedding box and display it.

What You Need

Alien / PredAlien /Predator Cosbaby (2) — You can do this with any Cosbaby character, to totally make an adorable topper.
A top-tier plastic plate for cake decorating. Or a blank cake topper.
Plastic Arch, cake decorating shop
White and pink tulle. (mesh fabric)
Top Hat, plastic, cake decorating
Bride and Groom Wine Bottle Clothes
Hot Glue, Hot Glue Gun
Swarovski Crystals
Crepe paper garland
Mini Wired Flowers from Michaels

(The cosbaby duo that we used are VERY sold out right now. Back when I got them, they were rare, but there was only a few left in stock. Try checking ebay or low-key shops with nerd things. They are made by Sideshow Collectibles and there are only a couple places that offer them now, for a hefty price.)

(You can find the rest of this stuff at Michaels, a cake decorating shop in your area, or online.)

Dressing Your Bride and Groom

Make sure that your characters have their body parts intact and well-attached. Give them a little tug, if they come apart, just use a spot of hot glue, so that you can rest assured that your cake topper won't fall apart during transport. One of my cosbaby — (alien) came shipped with his head detached. So I had to have him replaced.:)

Take the wine bottle clothes, cut them to size and just worry about covering the torso of your bride and groom. It's not going to matter that he or she doesn't have a fully detailed dress. The message is the most important. Just center the tux, decide where to cut, and then sew the back onto him. If you choose not to, you can just hot glue the clothing to him.

My bride didn't use the wine bottle dress, my mom had some vintage crepe paper garland and it looked frilly and it was naturally that tall, so I just cut some of that off and hot glued the paper shut in the back. I used the veil from the wine bottle's outfit, it worked really well. The veil was poofy, draped all around the side and I tacked it under the edge of the topper. I used the beads/pearls on a string to give her a look of a pearl necklace and I used swarovski crystals from Michaels to decorate her veil and I glued a single crystal on her hand to make it look like a ring. (Because mine is pink, too. It's a Morganite — or pink ruby.) The little wired flower bouquet was glued into her other hand, to make it look like her flowers!:D

The groom's top hat was from the cake store, I think it was a Thanksgiving decoration for a pilgrim, hahah. I hot glued that in place, made sure his suit was spiffy and then I glued his feet to the spot on the topper. Then I glued the bride down and posed her arm like she is showing off her ring.

Arch and Beyond!

Now it's time to position the arch where you'd like it, if you even want one.

Before you attach it, try to decorate it a little. I hot glued some pink tulle, or mesh fabric over the top of it and added some flowers that matched the bouquet. It really dressed it up, for not doing much. Now you can glue your arch in place, behind your lovely couple. Take some white tulle and use it to take up the blank space in the back, to cover it up. It will add dimension, and it will look billowy as a bonus. For added spice, I took a little decorated food pick that said Bride and Groom, and glued that in there like a sign.

I left the front open because I wanted the eye to travel to the bride and groom. The white space still annoys me, but there isn't much that you can put in there..without obstructing your cute bride and groom.:) So just make sure to test things out in terms of layout and figure how you like it best, then glue.

Bridal Shower

Try and have your topper ready for the Bridal Shower and use it as a topper, then, also. In my case, it was the only place that my cake topper was allowed. My mom said that she was paying for the wedding, so I wasn't allowed to use it because it would scale down the impression. Grrrrrrr. So I accepted it and cherished the ability to show it off to some women who feared it. LOL. Not the ideal audience, but it was an opportunity.:)

The Big Day!

The was nothing ugly about my mom's chosen cake topper, but I really wanted to express US on top of that cake. That cake was the best thing I've ever had, by the way! 60% of it was chocolate with Kaluah Mocha Chip filling. If any of you know what that is...please tell me. Hahah. I need to make it again.

So her topper was cute and she made it cuter by taking the standard design and painting the details in the flowers and make it more personalized. It made me feel better but still sad. When Shawn and I entered the reception to the Imperial March, and made our way later on to see the was so depressing, looking at my little rejects sitting next to the cake. When my mom was busy and my dad didn't care, we switched out the cake toppers and got a lot of buzz, so they eventually saw and gave that "disapproved look" and then didn't care afterward.

I was very excited to see that they made it into the wedding photos so that we could remember them as intended.:D


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