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Beach Themed Centerpiece

Simple beach themed centerpiece that requires little work and is very pretty. Great for any beach event. Having a beach themed wedding? You can customize it with a numbered card or several tea lights. It also makes a great take home gift for someone at the end of the night. We used these center pieces at our wedding, and received lots of compliments!

You will need:

A Glass Bowl (any wide bowl or vase will do)
Shiny Pebbles
Faux Moss Covered Rocks

Bowl or Vase

Make sure that your bowl is nice and clean. There is some debate as to whether the bowl should be low and flat or high. If you choose a fishbowl style container you will be able to see the layering of the different objects. I preferred a low bowl in order to see the different objects on top better.

Making the Base

Add you sand to the bowl. This prevents shifting and rattling of rocks against glass when you move it. Here I've mixed two types of sand, a grey sand and a brown sand for a little variety. Sand can be purchased at a craft store or online. 2 small bags of sand from Michaels was enough to fill 12 containers this size with about a 1/4 cup each.

Adding Pebbles

Now add your pebbles. I mixed mine into the sand, but you can also let them sit on top in order to give it a more layered look. Please note that if you lay them on top they will shift into the sand over time with movement. I bought shiny pebbles from Michaels and used about 3 baggies. They are shined and contain lots of different colors but you can also purchase rocks in one solid color. (This would be great for a black and white wedding — black sand and white rocks or visa versa.) If you want a more colorful pallet, you can use those little glass marbles or colored gems as well.

Adding Accents

Now you can add your driftwood and faux moss covered rocks. I purchased the moss rocks from or they can be found online if you are willing to look around. If you are sensitive make sure to check if the person selling them smokes. I purchased them without asking and had to air them out for two weeks before I could even use them.

Finished Product

Add your seashells and any other accessories. Have fun with it! If you want you can print up ferris wheel tickets and use them as number cards. (Our pier has a ferris wheel.) Because my husband proposed at a lifeguard tower at the beach, we had 12" lifeguard towers overlooking the little centerpiece with a number for each table. I hope this was a helpful instructable.


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