From DIY home decor to handmade gifts, here are the best arts and crafts to spark your creativity

Craft Foam Stamps

Make your own custom stamps out of a few materials!

This activity is great for ages 5+

Designed for a lesson on patterns in a textiles summer camp.

Design, Draw, and Cut Out!

Sketch out your stamp design on paper

Using a ballpoint pen transfer your design onto the foam

Using scissors or an xacto blade to cut out!

Add Details

Using the ballpoint pen add details by pressing the pen into the foam squishing it down creating a void where ink will not be able to touch!

Glue Onto Backing Board

Plug in hot glue gun and add hot glue onto the back of the stamp

Place backing board on the glued stamp


Stamp All the Things!

Time to use your stamp on all the things!



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