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Blown Tire Shoes

I see blown truck tires along the road every few miles on my daily drive to work; I thought it would be cool to make some shoes out of them. So I finally pulled over an grabbed a tread (Watch out for stabbing steel cords at the edges of the tire scraps.) These things are a little tough and messy to make, but they use all recycled materials except for the glue.

I used:
Scrap tire from highway shoulder.
Scrap carpet from a dumpster.
Old plastic shopping bags.
and some shoe glue.

Angle grinder with cut off wheel.
Something to cut rubber and carpet, I used tin snips and medical scissors.
A Candle

Mark and Cut

Draw a nice shoe pattern around you foot or trace another shoe onto the tire with a marker.

Then use a cut-off wheel on a grinder to cut through the steel cords in the tire. (very smoky.)

Once through the cords, cut out the tread with some tin snips or something.

This is messy with black stuff everywhere; put down some cardboard or something. This also smells like the county fair demo derby.

Drill Holes

Use other flip-flops as a guide, or guess where you need the holes for the straps; then drill through the tread with a big bit (I used 3/8".)

Cut Carpet to Fit

Take the tread cut-outs and cut the carpet scrap to fit. I left a little extra carpet to protect my feet from the steel cords on the edges.

Make holes in the carpet to match the tread holes drilled earlier.

Glue the carpet to the tread with some shoe glue.

Make Straps

- Cut the plastic shopping bags in half from top to bottom. Then take three of the bags and hang them on a door handle and braid them; do this 4 times.
-Take the ends of the braided bags and use the candle to melt the ends into hard tips. Leave 2 straps with an unhardened end.
-Route these straps into the holes as shown in the pictures; tie the forward strap to the back cross strap and trim off the extra plastic.
-Under the shoe, melt the plastic strap tips with the candle and smush 'em flat, this will harden and hold the straps on the shoe.

Let the Glue Dry

Let the glue dry and enjoy these new kicks.


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