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DIY Recycled Mini Greenhouse

This is a great way to grow your plants and veggies at home and it's fun for kids to do to.

I wanted to recycle and repurpose materials so I used what I had at home and you can do the same so it's a totally low budget project.

Watch the video for a step by step procedure.



Drill holes on the sides of the plastic box, put the wires through the holes — this is the basic construction.

Drill a few holes on the bottom of the box for the excess water that will come out during watering.

Make a construction with the wires and straws.

Put the sun-absorbing fabric on your construction. Tighten it to the box using rope but only on one side, on the other side, make a little door — see what I mean in the video.

Put the soil in the box and plant the seeds.

Put your mini greenhouse on a cardboard box so it absorbs excess water.

Hope you enjoy and have fun making it.


Watch the step by step procedure in the video.


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