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How to Make a Miniature Circus Tent Nick-nack Made From Home Materials!

in this instructable, i will show you how to make a miniature circus tent,
easily out of materials you will most likley find in your house.

this is my first instructableplease tell me what you think of it. enjoy!

Materials Needed

for this project, you need duct tape/gorilla tape,a toothpick, 8 paperclips, 2 hands(if you only have one, then ask someone else for help),some cardboard, a piece of paper, and a pen/pencil.

Lets Get Started

first, you will need to unfold the paperclips in the way shown in the photo. after that is done, you need to measure your paperclip from end to end,and keep that measurement.

Making the Template

draw lines twice the leighth of your measurement, crisscrossing, then draw another crisscross on top of the first one, in a way so that theres even space in between all the lines tips. take your ruler, and draw straight lines fromtip tip tip, so you end up with an octagon.

Cutting the Base

now,cut out your octagon, and using it as a template, cutout an octagon in the cardboard.

Making the Skeleton

now, you need to take the smaller end of your paperclips,and tape them all together, so you can spread the tips out to touch the corners of your cardboard octagon.tape them there.

Finishing the Walls

now, you need to use your tape, and make the walls for it. i found it the easiest to tape over one space in between the paperclips, skip one, do the next one, skip one, then do the next one. once you have every other one taped, tape over the rest of the gaps eccept one.

The Door

now, you will need to make the door. make it by taking smaller pieces of tape, then putting them the reverse of the way we made the other walls, with the sticky side out. keep layering these, and when you almost reach the bottom, tape over the front, so neither side is sticky. then, cut down the middle of this piece that you just made differently, and fold the flaps outward.

to make the flag, take a toothpick, and fold tape over it, then gut it into a triangle shape.

Your Finished!

put the toothpick through the top of the tent,and your done! if you fina a purpose for this, please tell me it:D


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