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Finger Ninja

This is my instructable to the one and only, finger ninja! I came up with it when I wanted a fun project that I could easily sew by hand. It is really just a cloth finger cover, and if you already know how to sew profesionally, this is obviously just an idea to springboard off of. Since I don't go literally step by step with every stitch, you must at actually be able to sew, no matter how bad you are at it, because I am only good with ideas for this stuff, and I can do it well enough. You can use any stitch you like for this project, but I like staying simple.


For this project you will need scissors, a sewing needle, a strip of fabric at least as wide as your finger, a spool of thread the same color as your fabric, a toothpick, aluminim foil, a bobby pin, some thin markers, and a clear workspace. Which, unfortunately, I do not have. The fabric can be any color you want, but black, blue, and red seem to fit best for a ninja, so I am using black. I said to use the thread that is the same color as your fabric, but I am using white thread instead of black thread so that you can see what I am doing.

Preparing Fabric

Fold you fabric in half, and place your finger you will use for the ninja right next to the folded edge. Take a black marker and mark around your finger, maybe two millimeters away. With the fabric still folded, cut out your traced finger, careful to keep the two layers lined up. Then separate your layers once cut, and fold one of them in half long-ways. on the folded edge, cut a small square, which will later be used as the opening for the ninja's face.

Utility Belt

Cut of a small strip of fabric from your bigger piece, which we will use to make your ninja's utility belt. Thread your needle with a working length of thread, (most people use their arms-length) and place the srtip of fabric mayube halfway up the piece of fabric with the square hole in it. Sew the strip on one side, move in to the center of the belt maybe four millimeters and sew the belt securely there too. Make sure to have the thread that makes the transition from those two points on the back! Then seucre the belt about four millimeters away from the other edge. Sew the end once again on that side. Tie up the ends of the thread, which can be one by looping it back through your last stitch repeatedly. Cut off the extra thread, and the end of your belt if it was too long. We will make the tools for the belt later.

Sewing the Suit

Carefully line up your two suit pieces, making sure that the utility belt is on the inside. Sew theOut edge of the entire suit, going all the way around. Tie up the ends as you did with the utility belt, and cut the ends of the thread off. Then, turn your ninja suit inside-out.


Place your toothpick on the corner of your aluminum foil, and begin to roll it up. Don't make it too thick, otherwise it won't fit into your utility belt. When you have it rolled up enough, cut off the rest and flatten out one and and roll the other into a point, or roll both into points depending on what type of toothpick you have. Once completed, put both the foil toothpick and the bobby pin into the side parts of the utility belt.


Slip the completed ninja suit over your chosen finger and pick out markers for your ninja face. Through the ninja face cut-out so that the face is the correct size, draw your amazingly awesome ninja face. I like to make mine look angry, but it is your choice. I hope you will enjoy your finger ninja!


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