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Foaming Soap-CHEAP

this is a foaming soap from baking soda, hand soap, dish soap; hot water.


You will need dish soap, hand soap, sodium bicarbonate (baking powder), water, and (optional) food coloring.


Add just enough dish soap to the bottle to cover the bottom. Then, add a squirt of hand soap (Dial) to fill up to 4 oz. Shake slightly.

Fizzing Up

You will need a lot of baking powder for this formula. Poar it in; now you can add food coloring color of choice.

Shake It

Yeah!?! Just Do It

Freeze the Foaming Soap

Freeze the foam for 15 minutes as indicated by picture. When it beeps, remove the bottle and let sit. Add a shake of baking soda


When the soap liquefies (melts), you are ready to use it! If you would like, give a drop of food coloring to the mix and use it.


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